Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank, banking capital of Germany, insurance capital of Germany, home of the DAX, HQ of Lufthansa, is an amazing mixture of new and old, stone and water, luxury fashion and farmers markets. Here you can stand at a table drinking a glass of wine next to broker, walk 5 minutes and watch spotted woodpeckers chipping away at a tree.
  • Old and new
  • Jumera Hotel & Eschersheimerturm - new and old
    Jumera Hotel & Eschersheimerturm - new and old
  • Eiserne Steg
    Eisernerne Steg - the main pedestrian bridge over the R. Main
  • Kaiserdom - cathedral
  • Cathedral Organ
Green Sauce (Grie Sosse - parsley, chive, chervil, borage, sorrel, cress, salad burnet), dry cider in ribbed glasses (Ebbelwoi in Gerippte) and Mispelchen (medlars in calvados) are the signature dishes of Frankfurt
  • Traditional cider pub
    Traditional Cider Pub
  • Old and new
    Cider in ribbed glasses
  • Jumera Hotel & Eschersheimerturm - new and old
    Medlars in calvados
  • Jumera Hotel & Eschersheimerturm - new and old
    Green sauce served here with Schnitzel

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